Yacht style

Your passport to luxury and relaxation on the seas.


Yacht style


For an unforgettable design

On board a yacht, the table decoration extends the experience of the voyage. It can be composed and reinvented to meet different desires, styles, inspirations... Whether for a relaxing meal or a business meeting, it must be adapted to all needs and remain in harmony with the very special nautical environment.
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Transat pays tribute to the history of Ercuis, which equipped the most legendary transatlantic liners for decades, including the France and the Normandie. This collection is heir to the aesthetics of the great liners of the 1930s: refined and geometric, combining elegance and practicality. The design of the Transat collection is based on a strong creative idea: minimalist horizontal nets, finely engraved and inspired by the creations of the designer and decorator Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, a leading figure in the Decorative Arts. These ornamental lines also prevent fingerprints on the silverware, making it easier to maintain. The Transat silverware collection is elegantly complemented by the Transat line of silver-plated flatware, which features the same engraved line pattern on its handles.
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The Séquoia cover was created in the 1930s. Its aesthetic perfectly reflects the codes of the Arts Décoratifs movement, combining geometric rigour and bold shapes in its very straight construction. The Sequoia collection owes its name to its straight, masculine, faceted, angular handle. The blade of its table knife has been specifically designed to fit the unique line of the handle. This iconic silver-plated cutlery collection was reissued in the 1990s as a tribute to the 1930s. This period was the golden age of Ercuis' history, as it equipped transatlantic liners such as the Normandie and the France, as well as the mythical Orient-Express, with its creations combining refinement and unique know-how.
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Art Décoratifs Navy Blue

With this collection of customizable cutlery created in 2015, Ercuis elevates flatware to a whole new level. Arts Décoratifs is a collection with colorful patterns evoking the key trends of French decorative arts.

To adourn the handle of the Arts Décoratifs cutlery and serving pieces, the design features 9 patterns, sometimes geometric, sometimes vegetal, and it comes in a glossy lacquer to choose from 30 bright colors. The head of the cutlery is available in silverplated or golded finish.

These nearly infinite combinations bring a new personality to the tableware, the creations are multiple and suit all tables and styles.

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Silverplated Navy Blue 21,6 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 21,4 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 24,4 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 14,0 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 10,8 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 19,4 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 14,5 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue 13,1 cm


Silverplated Navy Blue


Silverplated Navy Blue



Ercuis' collections feature many pieces most appreciated during summer: cocktail service, champagne buckets, caviar and vodka sets... They are the tthe creation of a demanding and refined work for products dedicated to the pleasures of the table.

Discover our summer selection from the Perles, Saturne, Tuileries & Latitude collections.

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