Art of living

Exclusively devoted to the tables of the privileged for centuries, and subject to changes in fashion and customs, silverware remains inseparable from the French art of living. Ercuis contributes in perpetuating this tradition, by being fully open to innovations in the decorative arts and design.


Art of living

The art of setting a table

Etiquette, a set of conventions governing propriety and good manners that has come down to us from the Court of King Louis XIV, has dictated the rules which still guide the art of laying a table today. Although lifestyles have evolved and rules have become less rigid, it is nonetheless useful to remember some of them, to help us set an elegant and impeccable table.

Additional cutlery

According to the menu, specific cutlery can be added: place knife and fork, bouillon spoon for soups, salad fork or gravy spoon making it easier to take up sauce from the plate. To make your dish even more unique and more enjoyable, there is the butter spreader, placed on the bread plate, oyster fork, snail fork, pastry fork, ice cream spoon, lobster picks and caviar spoon Lastyl, teaspoons, after-dinner teaspoons and demi-tasse spoons are reserved for tea or coffee served after the meal.


The importance of serving pieces

Some of them are true works of art, such as the little-known strawberry ladle with its scallop-shaped bowl, which is used for serving strawberries or fruit salad.

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