Candlestick Régence


  • Reference : F306006301
  • Sterling silver - gold accents
  • Size : H 28

The Régence style corresponds to the transition period between 1715 and 1723 during which Philippe d’Orléans ruled as Regent after the death of Louis XIV, until Louis XV came of age, i.e. for 13 years and one day. In the decorative arts this was reflected in a resurgence of imagination and elegance, in contrast to the austere style of the Louis XIV period. New patterns appeared: shells feature prominently, with other natural themes, lines curve gracefully and shapes become more refined.The pieces of the Ercuis Régence collection appeared in the catalogue as early as 1903, and have become classics of silversmithing. The tray was originally part of a tea set. As for the five branch and six-light candelabra, it is made of cast bronze and weighs five kilos. The hand-finished chasing work requires eight hours of work.

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