Care and Cleaning Recommendations

Care and Cleaning Recommendations

After long exposure to the air, silverware blackens and loses its brilliance. What should be done?
First of all, and undoubtedly the first piece of advice to communicate to users of silver, the best and easiest maintenance is frequent use. Indeed, since the staining appears rather slowly,
the silver will not have time to darken between uses. In addition, its regular use automatically provides for cleaning and gives all the pieces the true “patina” of silver.


Contrary to popular belief, the dishwasher does not pose a large risk for holloware; however, you must observe the following instructions:
- place the silver and steel flatware in different baskets, as well as the knives with steel blades,
- use washing powder only (and especially not liquid or gel), Ercuis recommends “Calgonit” products,
- open the door of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle to remove water vapor and avoid leaving drop marks,
- when washing by hand, do not use bleach or rubber (gloves, elastic, rubber fabric), which contains sulfur and causes stubborn black marks.
Attention: sterling silver flatware with mounted handles should not be placed in the dishwasher, this will damage the precious and/or natural materials of their handles (wood, semi-precious stones) and would weaken the mounting.


When a piece of holloware is oxidized, it is better to choose a specific product reserved for silver, while following the instructions and using a soft cloth to apply the product.

Maintenance of “Insolent” and “Calypso” cutlery


Insolent & Calypso

Special care must be taken over cleaning these pieces, with their delicate sterling silver grille. Do not use the "Silver foam" or impregnated mitts that might catch on the grille and damage it.

Place in a protective basket and immerse in the "Silver cutlery rinse" for just a few seconds to restore all their brilliance. Then rinse in clear water and blot dry with a cloth.
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